When I started this blog I really had no idea what book I should review or where I should start reviewing. I have my own little library of books in my home and some are old and some are new. I wanted to create a site for everyone, something for all tastes and choose a book which many of us could identify with. As the months chugged along I found myself writing reviews on cookbooks,books that I had read and books that had reached out and grabbed me…

As I write this piece today, I know that not all my reviews are going to grab some readers but I know that from the list of people who have come on here and read some of my reviews, it really means a lot. A short while back I was on another bloggers site where I saw a follower comment about my writing to the blogger I happened to be reading. Unbeknownst to the follower  I actually had made comments on the bloggers page that same day and on the same page. They didn’t like what I wrote and compared their writing to my own and I felt rather down and frustrated.

But as I liked the site and the blogger had come and said hi to me on my own, I wrote to them  who turned out to be sympathetic and caring, telling me that they thoroughly enjoyed my writing and do not worry about what others think about it. I had to agree. Not everyone is going to like what I write and indeed I did take one post off after someone sent two rather distasteful comments to me which fortunately I could choose or choose not to publish.

And that’s the same with the world in general. Not everyone is going to like us or what we do or how we live our lives. If we are happy and we are enjoying what we are doing, then who am I to judge or discriminate? When I read a book and then put a review up on here, it is usually because I really enjoyed that book and wanted to share that with other people. I do not care now whether the person or people reading my blog(s) are going to necessarily like it, I will take it like a duck to water next time and just remember we all have our own viewpoints and opinions on things.

This week in my wee town here in New Zealand we  hosted an annual Rotary Book fair and naturally I went along on the first day it opened. There were so many books in the Town Hall and I picked up several that caught my eye. Some were books written by authors that I have here at home and others were one’s that I had never heard of.

Two of my several finds I purchased that day were practically new books where one was very recent and was only published last year. While looking through the sea of books in the hall a book grabbed my attention, a book that in its own way chose me rather than I chose it. The picture on the front cover showed a photo of a group of children and a Nun and for some reason I  decided to look at its back not really taking too much(concerned that I couldn’t study it for too long or that someone else may want to look at the books in this section;  so I put it back on the pile again and no sooner had I put the book down, it then reached out and grabbed me again. I studied the back cover more carefully this time, taking note that it was a new and revised edition  then popping it into my beloved Harrods PVC bag that a dear friend from Brighton bought me and didn’t think anything of it… until I got home.

But I have noticed that when I have read a book on a person that has had a traumatic experience or something in their life has happened to them, I find myself empathetic and gain understanding from what has happened to that person and I feel that I understand things just that little bit more, I am a compassionate person and if a book is all about the sadness of something, I feel that and I can have a better idea of what it  may be like and see things from their perspective and even sharing my own experience on something, a bit like the places that Michael Palin, my favourite Monty Python comedian has done over the years. I can say as I read one of his books,”I have been there!” especially when it isn’t until afterwards you realise it, which happened in the case of when I was in Cairo, Egypt several years ago and dined at the Windsor 😉

But you know books are also frustrating, they can be boring and not everyone is going to like the same thing. Which brings me back to that person who commented about my page on another blog, if you can’t stand the heat, get out of here… All jokes aside though, its OK not to like everything, its OK not to agree, its OK to express whatever is out there but just remember I mentioned very early on when I started this blog, these are just my opinions, my thoughts and whatever else may be going through my mind at that particular moment, ask me in ten years time and I may say “Which book?” but many a book I have shared on here are those ones that are memorable to me.

I have done away with my star rating for now and once again, if I do write a post, it’s just my point of view. My one that I erased sometime ago will come back at some point as I know that it got a few people who really did like it so I may just tweak a tad, rehash it a little and give a lick and polish (once over) before I decide to hit the PUBLISH button.

Happy reading everyone!


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