On writing

Last year I had this creative surge to write a story, a story loosely based on something that happened in my life and something in which many people would identify. As I am currently studying at the moment, I tend to take time out now and then to tend to this blog and although I consider myself reasonably good as far as time management goes, there is not always enough time in the day to write on a daily basis. This blog however sometimes has seen me itching just to belt out one post a week, but sometimes I stretch it to several as I have the time spare and my fictional writing takes a back seat…
Next year I am into the final leg of my degree’s journey. In fact it somewhat excites and frightens me at the same time. Sometimes I think that I will stay here in New Zealand to gain a bit of experience from what I learnt and then other times, I think I should head back abroad where I can make some good money and start saving towards things that I have wanted or needed when I have studied. That is life and so is this blog. I look at what I write and immediately after I posted a new review I find myself going back over it and often find mistakes here and there. In that sense this is beneficial as my goal was to improve my writing at the same time, so in that way I am pleased that this blog has taught me that.
It is also nice to see a number of people coming in here and liking what I write too. That is fantastic but feel free to say hello too. Although many of you have blogs of your own to take care of and write in, there are moments when I have that time free where I can pursue what you have been writing about too. In the Christmas holidays I will faithfully click on each of your avatars and check out your pages (if I have not already) and say hi from here. I would love to do that now but of course, it is time and you all know what I have just said a few moments ago.
Time is something many of us take for granted. Some utulise this period to do something worthwhile, something constructive. Others waste it on silly things that they may later regret. For me, I spent a lot of down time alone. I am not a hermit but I do enjoy my own company and every so often I will catch up with friends and family and do things outside my usual comfort zone. When I come home to my place, I enjoy that bit of time in the evening where I can reflect on what I have studied that day, wind down from my job working with the kids in the afternoons or just go into a space where I do not have to really think about anything other than thinking what I want to do for dinner that night.
When I write in here, I try and find books that I know most of the world will enjoy. I have a rather comprehensive little library of my own books which have proven to be popular with many a blogger or a reader from WordPress. Some of my books in my possession are books that have been around a long time and some have stood the test of time by being ‘rehashed’ and brought out again with a new cover and a new generation of readers.
One of my books celebrates its 100th birthday this year. It is a book that grabbed me because of its author, not because of its age. I found it years ago in a Street Market and paid $15 (NZD) for it and realised last year that its birthday was fast approaching when I read the inscription on the inside of the book telling me when it was written and published. The book- A excellent condition copy of Rudyard Kipling’s Rewards and Fairies is indeed a wonderful find. Inside the book is a collection of stories and poems written by Kipling when he wrote the infamous poem “If”. The illustrations in the book are second to none but the content is what I was after, after falling in love with the movie – “The Man who would be King” which is a movie I have always loved.
As a writer of fiction and non fiction, I would love to be published not just online but in a book, a journal or something. Sometimes when I write, I find myself closing my eyes and wondering what my readers would be thinking as they read my material. It keeps things in perspective without me rambling on too much. In my early days of writing, I would repeat some of the sentences twice accidentally just to get my message across, now days I am forever editing, rewording, and rewriting whatever I am doing so it is not unusual if you have been with me in this blog from the beginning and noticed several changes in my settings and in my theme over the past few months. But that is all part of being a writer, and being the writer that I am, I try and introduce new words to my vocabulary by purchasing a notebook which I list the alphabet down the right hand side of the page and then listing any new words to it and then their meanings. In my degree, I have found this particularly helpful as it not only helps me define what I am writing about but also improves my skills at the same time. I never write a word without knowing what it means or is out of my depth.
Writing for me comes naturally. I find it often easier to express myself with the written word rather than in speech. I enjoy talking but these days I actually prefer to sit and listen to others, then sometimes when I feel that urge to speak, I will do so especially when there is something or someone that has caught my attention or interest.
Known for being a bit of a talker in the past has made me realise that it is just as fine to listen as it is to talk. Sometimes when we talk we are often so wrapped up in what we are saying, people forget what it is we are discussing and become bored or rather uninterested. I am not saying I bored people with my chatter, but I know that these days, I like to hang back a bit. Children at work come to me with all manner of things when they need my attention. I know that to some I am their confidant and their listening ear, sometimes I have to teach them that the only way the way they will understand something is to do it themselves or to think in another persons shoes. Some kids want to take the easy route out just like many an adult. But most of the time, I guide, I direct and I just tell them how it is and will never break a promise if I made one to someone. A lesson I taught my favourite child (I know, we shouldn’t have favourites, but this child has every reason to be mine and he knows why and how much he makes this old  girl  err  lady laugh) 😀
But back to my writing, writing is euphoric to me, it comforts me when I am frustrated and need to get something out and off my chest. Writing is my security blanket that helps me to relax and wind down and remember that things are not all as bad as they seem. I have always loved that quote about how today’s problems will just end up as tomorrows fish and chip paper…. basically do not worry about the problems of today, they will be soon forgotten. Being a writer, like everything has its challenges and as a student of the Social Sciences, I am not ashamed to admit that I get writers block every now and then. Writing, however is a great escape and for me, it never bores me, nor does it let me down. It is a part of who I am and I will continue to write for as long as I am able.
“A book is simply the container of an idea—like a bottle; what is inside the book is what matters.”
—Angela Carter

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