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Everything you need to know  SCOOTERS


Eric Dregni with photography by Pixel Pete

What it says on the back cover

The Scooter world is fast becoming one of the most popular modes of transportation on the road. With gas prices soaring, technology improving, and style trends favoring the attractive lines of both classic and modern scooters, it’s more and more common to see scooters sharing the road with their four-wheeled counterparts.

If you are considering a scooter for commuting to work or putt-putting around the city on a Sunday afternoon, Eric Dregni’s Scooter’s Everything You Need to Know has all the information you’ll need to enter the two-wheeled world of scooters.

Whether you are drawn to the classic Vespas, Stellas, and Lambrettas, small modern Zumas and Metros, or highway-ready maxi-scooters like the Silver Wing and Burgman, this book will help you choose a ride and learn how to maximise your enjoyment. From tips on buying, riding, and maintaining your scooter, to participating in clubs and events, is the perfect start to a lifetime of scootering. A life-long scooter rider, collector and writer, Eric Dregni answers  all the questions a beginning scooterist could have, with humor and years of travel and experience.

What made me pick up this book

I used to be a road cyclist back in the day, a fast road cyclist who used to literally chase cars.. well OK not chase them but certainly keep up with them. I knew that I loved the fresh air as I cycled and I had fun at the same time until one day I had a nasty fall off my bike and landed on my back. I was hurt and although I should have got back into cycling, it hurt too much on my lower back and in time I gave it up and sold my racing bike. I then started to think about a scooter after I was recommended one. Oddly enough I never did and I kind of regret it now as I know that right now this is exactly what I am interested in purchasing.  I know that with a scooter I would not be so fast… or maybe 🙂 No even though I was a fast cyclist, I was still quite careful despite my accident.

This book really grabbed me, it is written in a clear language that most of us novice scooterists can understand. It gives practical and down to earth advice and makes references to another b0ok How to Ride a Motorcycle written by Pat Hahn (Motorbooks,2005). I have not read that yet but I think together with this book, both would compliment each other well as Dregni has made several references to it in here in terms of how to ride although he gives a great explanation in this book.

Chapter one is a nice introduction to the scooter world by giving the reader a history of scooters whereas chapter two focuses on buying the right scooter which is important for me as I do not have a lot of funds to splash about and I realise after reading this book that the Vespa that I really would love may be a bit of a heavy bike for me to start off on.. (maybe as I become more confident I can look into it and when the funds are higher). Next Dregni focuses on scooter safety which has prompted me to do a safety course once I get my scooter and then how to maintain the scooter to its peak standard such as checking the plugs are OK, oil, etc…I love the little section throughout the book called Words to the Wise which offer practical little tidbits throughout the book such as Before Buying: Introspective Consumerism. This little section gives the newbie and even more experienced scootertist tips on buying a scooter and questions that one needs to consider to avoid any heartaches and ended up with a real dud of a scooter that won’t start when you need it and may let you down… read these first.

The book is also gender friendly too which is great for me being a girl. It was nice to see a few retro advertisements with girls on scoots and a couple of modern photographs too scattered throughout the book. What is nice is to see the scooter culture that arises from the book in Tours and Rallies which gives the reader a look into how the scooter culture can become a something kind of fun for everyone who likes to ride. I am not so sure whether there is a club in my town but it is something worth investigating when I get mine. Finally the last chapter looks at how scooters are played out in the media, think Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck in that infamous film Roman Holiday and the Vespa or Cliff Richard and It’s A Wonderful Life and the Lambretta. Better still think of you the scooter rider and how you can enjoy the thrill of two wheels..

I can hardly wait!

Is this book worth buying?

Although in time this book will age and scooters will change, the overall information will stay the same.  Dregni’s book has alot of useful information that I have wanted to read before contemplating on getting two wheels. It is something that I have pondered over for quite some time and with this book that I am reading, it gives me informative advice which I need in order for me to understand the mechanics of these little machines, how to ride, how to choose, what to look for, whether to buy brand new or second hand, safety and much much more. This book packs a lot of punch. Enjoy the ride, err read!

“How beautiful it is to go around with wings under your feet…it takes away your problems” (Translation of smash hit “Vespa 50 Special” from 2000 Italian rock band Lunapop.


 Photo credit: Nick-K (Nikos Koutoulas) via / CC BY-NC



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