Hello once again

Hello all

It has been so long since I have come in here… not that I did not want to but many things have crossed my path since my last post. I have found since graduating with my Social Science degree frees me up to do other interests like writing offline and another blog. I still love to read and will review a few of the books that I have read lately in the coming months but I just want to say how sorry it is for those that have been regular followers on here as I really appreciate having feedback and I also enjoy sharing with you the books that I have read.

This year I was diagnosed with a rare condition called Joint Hypermobility disorder. It is also called Ehlers Danlos Type 3. Depending on you are talking to, both are the same but its been hard here in New Zealand to discuss with people as many have never heard of it which is why I wrote rare on here but its more widely known overseas. Once I got the diagnosis I then began my research into finding out what I can do about it. The Rheumatologist that I saw up at my hospital referred me pretty much straight away to their Physiotherapy dept and although I have not had many sessions with my therapist I know that what she will do will help me in the long term. I have so many questions to ask and so many things that I want to learn about it because as I get older my body will change and its best that I get as much help as possible.  Unfortunately I also was diagnosed with a Vitamin B12 deficiency which has caused a lot of stress as well on me. My memory has been affected and I now have nerve damage in my feet which flare up from time to time. I eat meat but unfortunately my stores were quite low and was having to have injections for it. My face broke out in major spots and after that I made the decision not to have the injections and just stick with a strong Vitamin B12 tablet which I take every day. It is sad that it is not available on prescription like Vitamin B6 here.

I continue to write and recently edited my friends first cookbook. It was a wonderful opportunity to assist him as he asked me if I wouldn’t mind doing it due to the fact he knew I was clued up with gastronomy. I did so with great gusto and added pieces to it here and there for him but there was one problem. I noticed that when the book was self published they took the second edit that I had done and I have picked up mistakes in it. I often edit something at least four times so I hope that it will still be OK. My friend has asked me if we could do our book next and the could be something to think about. I write mostly about things that matter to me and although I have just started a blog about rambling, I like to write about things that are going on in today’s world. You can come and view it on https://rantandrambling.wordpress.com/

I also had troubles with a neighbour on and off as you will see in my other blog through the year. She is a woman who seems to cause trouble wherever she goes and just this last week is reporting to anyone who will listen that the neighbour beside her has a criminal record. People like her really need to be assessed and it has been difficult for me emotionally and mentally as she would ring me every day and follow my every move whenever I came home from work, town or even outside. It has made my life unbearable at times that its another reason I have not been on here, my health was very much compromised with this woman’s antics. I reported her to the Police again and so far she has not caused a scene again with me. She has made deliberate attempts to try and  get my attention since the Police spoke to her but now she seems to have gone back and targeted the woman next to her.

Well thats all from my corner for now but I hope to be back soon. I love coming in here as I said and yes I have read a good few books since I have been away from here. Mostly fiction as since I have been unwell I have needed a good cheering up.

Till next time.



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