The Bookaholic Bookworm’s Biographies

In this blog I have given reviews on various books that I have read for study or general interest. I have enjoyed writing this because it gives me the opportunity to reach out to a wider audience and it also allows me to express what is going through my mind on any occasion. But as I have written several reviews, listed some of my favourite things such as music I thought I would take this blog to another level and for this reason I thought I would create The Bookaholic Bookworm’s Biographies for those who may be unfamiliar on some of the authors that I have written about in here. As I gave a rather interesting list of people and books to my other post I thought I would go through that list one by one and introduce each author to you all and if you find a tidbit of something interesting about that author, feel free to comment about it and we can discuss it on here. I will not write a lot about each person but I will certainly look out for information and do a bit of homework on them. I hope you will enjoy reading each biography as I will have writing it.

The first person I thought I would write about for my blog will be Dr Seuss.

Watch this space!

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New Zealand female who just wants to share a little bit of her corner of the globe.

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