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So we have learnt what constitutes a good book. And it was an interesting question to ask because many of us who like to read, want to be able to read a book and enjoy it. I find that once I get into a book, I find it hard to put down. I want to read it all the time I am awake and I think about it when I work or while I am doing my everyday activities. I want to know what happens next say  in a fictional novel. I want to read why so and so has appeal in say perhaps a non fictional book.

Which has me thinking… again 🙂

How many of you have thought about writing a book?  I think the majority of us who write blogs right? It’s another curious question that often comes to mind. I know for me that over the last couple of years I have been writing a story, which has at the moment several chapters that I have written in a first person narrative and then switched it back to the story itself. It is fun. But who will read the book? Who are my audience that I want to read my book? Is it funny or is it serious? Do I want to capture my love of history into it, or perhaps my love of gastronomy? Who is my main character?  What do they do? How old are they? What do they look like? Are they married, single, divorced? Gay? Straight? Then my other characters in the story, who are they? what is their relationship to the main character? How do they fit into my story?

Writing a book has so many dimensions to it. It sounds easy to do but when you sit at your computer/laptop or even tablet or the good old fashioned pen and paper to write what it is you want to write, sometimes you may find yourself sitting staring at a blank screen for a bit and then you start to type or write just as you have on here. The words start to pour from you and you find yourself immersed into a world of the unknown because you do not know what will happen… well not just yet. You may have an outline of what you want to say and then you will draft, write a book more and finally when you are satisfied with it, you will revise it, edit it  have someone else go through it and edit it again as sad it is may seem. All that good writing that you have done eek its being edited, but you know that its got to be done choose your editor wisely.. So once you have narrowed the editing bit down you may consider sending in your manuscript to a publishing firm with the hope that your book may get published. And then let the publishers decide… is this a good book?

Writing a book is a real skill, an art. A book on our shelves that tells a story, that may teach us something, helps us when we need encouragement, something that interests us, or whatever it is that makes us put it on our shelves or allows us to pick it up and start reading it. These are just some of the ways we can start…

Any other thoughts?

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8 thoughts on “Writing a book

  1. I have already written a small book on astronomy titled The Planets Of The Sun …… And How To Observe Them. Written and also published by me for the Amateur Astronomers’ Association (Bombay). More of a booklet than a book but nevertheless written by me and sketches done by me too. A lot of hard work for sure, editing and printing it with page proofs done by me before getting it printed at a local offset press. Thoroughly enjoyed the whole process and wouldn’t mind doing it all over again!!!

    1. But it is a book nevertheless like you said Aadil and you should be proud of yourself for doing so. I was asked to write a book for Oxford University Press several years ago and located sources of information right around the country. It was to be written with a Papua New Guinean audience in mind so I got back to basics with it which was really interesting but in the end, they got a local person to do it. I still have the drafts here at home and maybe should do something with them one day.

  2. Writing the book is a small part of the equation. Develop a thick skin. There will be people who love what you write and people who hate it, no matter what. Learn how to market yourself; I’m horrible at this. Even the big publishers don’t do much; they focus their attention on their big sellers. Develop a network with other writers in your genre, as they will have helpful hints for avoiding pitfalls like “never pay to have someone publish your book, never.”

    1. Thank you Judy, wise words. I think that that is the problem sometimes. Our emotions get the better of us and we wonder why someone did not like what we did. As long as we enjoyed the process that is the main thing and if it becomes a best seller that is a bonus.

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