Another blog

Hi all
Just a wee note to say that I have created a blog on being a mature student and a student in general in New Zealand. I will still be writing on here. Please come and say hi to me at



  1. Hello it’s TM ..hope you remember me. Just wanted to see how you are faring. I rcvd a call from a divorce lawyer with legal aid here in Texas( they work Pro-Bono. prayers for me?

    • Hey you! Wonderful to hear from you. I must drop you an email shortly. Be on the look out for it. Terrrific seeing you on here and yes of course, prayers for you 🙂 I am very happy to hear you have been approved legal aid. Good on you girl! Hugs from here and I will email you shortly 😀

  2. Hi tm, when I approve my messages I get to see who has sent me an email and their email address so you may find my email in your spam folder or you may have it accidentally deleted it. I hope to hear from you soon and that you are OK? I have been thinking of you.

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