What are your favourite books?

Children, like many of us adults enjoy reading and writing. It is a way for them to express themselves and have an understanding of what goes on around the world. Literature can take us to far off places, places in which can be found in our imaginations and in the backs of our minds.

To enjoy literature a child will often find a subject that they will find that is of interest. Books are a source of these and can be on many subjects.

For example if a child wants to learn about space and astronomy he or she may wish to visit the Science section of their library and do that, they may look for a book which not only is filled with information about the topic itself but whether it is also visually entertaining. A book that has lots of colourful pictures is going to be more popular than a book that just has written text inside.

Adults are the same. In today’s society many adults are very interested in history and what was happening in the world in a previous timeframe. Often the word ‘retro’ comes to mind and people are recreating situations that reflect yesteryear with furniture that graced our homes in the fifties and them giving a new coat of paint to modernize the look to make it more in tune to what is happening today. Today’s adults are more in tune to what is around them than ever before and with the invention of the Internet, sometimes the beloved book has taken the back seat.

But there are still people out there who love books. When the storm sets in and the fire is lit and you are forced to light a candle for light. A book maybe the entertainment that you need while waiting for the power to come back on. Books are much more friendlier than powering up the computer or tablet each day.

OK so I am writing a blog and in days gone by it would have been a typewriter so I am not saying the internet is bad or having a tablet is bad, I have both a computer and a tablet and both serve their purpose well but if you look at my home, its chocker block with wonderful books which I have read time and time again. Some are firm favourites that come out almost on a regular basis and some stay on the shelves until I need them or wish to refer to them.

So while you are reading my blog, pause for a moment and think of your own favourite books. Why are they special to you and what makes you want to keep them on your very own shelves. I would like to open a conversation up about it.


I look forward to hearing from you 🙂



  1. Electronic books are great for testing new authors. I prefer my favorite books to be in paperback, easier to highlight and find favorite passages. I usually start reading and end up finishing the book, again. What makes them a favorite? They inspire me to be a better person, one way or another.

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