Done and dusted

Hello folks lisianthus flowers

Its been ages since I last came in here but after  befriending a person who is following my blog regularly I thought I better start writing again before I forget about it.

Well I finished my degree! YAY! I am thrilled to bits. My degree was something that I had been contemplating on for quite some time and after I finished it, I reflected back to those early days when I wondered whether it was worth my while. Well in a nutshell yes it was and now I am joining the many other grad students in looking for a permanent job. Its been a bit rocky so far. I am applying for positions that I know that I can do and in one, I was shortlisted down to the final two only to be told I would get bored after a year or so. Don’t you just hate that? Isn’t it up to us to decide whether we want to stay in the job or not? Anyways I am now seeking something in Records and Information Management or Library work. If I have no success there I will look at other roles and have an offer to teach abroad if I so desire. But here in New Zealand that comes with a price, we have interest charged against our loans we took out to pay for our studies if we decide to uproot and leave the country. Sad but true and so that offer to work abroad is quietly sitting on the fence at the moment until I get so desperate that I will take their offer up.

In the meantime I have tried to remain optimistic. I have even turned my hand to typing and research for a couple here in my town where I wrote up a document on the family’s grandfather who served in World War One. The family was thrilled with my efforts and paid me well and have asked if I can come back and do a bit more for them in a few months time. I gladly accepted as I throughly enjoyed this work and got a real buzz out of finding information for them as I documented everything.

Part of me wonders if I could make a career out of it but the other part of me is rather practical and know that it’s not something everyone wants every day. I was honoured to be asked to do this exercise but I really need to find a position in which I can work in and still get that buzz that I recently had.

So now that I am back I am pleased to share with you all some of my recent books and hopefully I may see a few of you pop in to say hello. Please do not feel shy, I want to get to know who is reading my blog and what drew them to here. It’s always great to meet people face to face too and I am touched with some of the feedback that one person has provided recently. If only I could make this a full-time occupation.

Anyway on with the show.



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