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The Book

Click: The Power of Instant Connections


Ori and Rom Brafman



What it says on the back cover

‘Whether in your business or personal life, if you need to ‘click’ more often you should read Ori and Rom’s book… it may be just the thing to help you develop powerful new relationships’
Guy Kawasaki, author of Reality Check and columnist for Entrepreneur magazine


Weaving together cutting-edge research in psychology and sociology, best selling authors Ori and Rom Brafman explore what it means to ‘click’ and how we can create the perfect environment to make better connections with people. A fascinating journey into how we engage with the world around us,  Click will transform our thinking about those moments when we are in the zone and everything seems to fall into place.

What made me pick up this book?

As a student of Social Science I was recently asked to complete a bibliography on six pieces of literature that referred to Attachment in our Social Worlds. As I scrolled through my learning institutions library I came across several books just in the same way I did when I was looking through my own Public library’s search engine and came across this little beauty. This book instantly grabbed my attention with its front cover of an illustration of people who looked liked LEGO pieces that had holes and slots in which they could connect together… and … click!  Made up from the fields of psychology and sociology, Click opens its first chapter Finding Magic, and the initial approach to how people interact with one another giving real life scenarios that demonstrate “the euphoric sensation we experience when we click with another person or activity and how the pleasure centre in our brain rewards us when we make such a connection” (Brafman and Brafman, p.187, 2010).

Throughout the book and towards the end of each chapter, the Brafman’s ask the reader questions which then lead into the next. “Why do we click in the first place, what are the hidden forces working to make those connections occur?” And then at the end of the chapter gives a diagram of where the ‘magical state’ fits into clicking and the click accelerators such as vulnerability that fit into the diagram.

Is this book worth buying?

Brothers Ori and Rom Brafman come together in writing a second book (Sway being their first) under the title of Click: The Power of Instant Connections that takes the reader on a journey through developing new relationships whether for business or personal reasons or in this case, to study human relationships between one another and the attachments we make.

Click gives examples from psychologists and every day people giving the book a more relaxed approach to why people form attachments than perhaps a textbook, offering itself as more of a guide for light reading and offers a fresh approach to sociology and psychology in how we get along and how things work between others and how people can make better connections and attachments to one another through the power of proximity and where everything clicks (or becomes attached). If you are interested in psychology and sociology, this is a great book to get you started without the weight that some of our textbooks can bring us at times. Its a good read and one that I wouldn’t mind reading again.


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