So.. tell me a little about yourself?

The Book

Snoop: What your stuff says about you


Sam Gosling



What it says on the back cover

‘Fascinating’ Lucy Kellaway, Financial Times   

‘A must-read’ Eric Abrahamson, co author of A Perfect Mess

What does your desk reveal about your personality? What about the books that you own or the pictures on your wall? And whats the best way to find out what your new partner is really like?

For years award winning psychologist Sam Gosling has been studying how people reveal their inner selves, and how we form impressions of others. He dispatches teams of scientific snoops to see what we can learn about people from their bathrooms, offices and even from where they live and what they wear.

These elements of our daily lives can say more about our character than our most intimate conversations. Gosling’s cutting-edge research will help you discover how someone is likely to vote, how motivated an interviewee really is- and how not to be misled.

A fascinating guide to the way we leave impressions without even knowing it, Snoop will sharpen your perceptions of others, and ensure that you project what you want others to see.

What made me pick up this book?

Curiosity! Long before I started my degree in Social Science I had an interest in people and places. I love to travel and I enjoy cooking. On top of all that, I liked to find out the way people tick by asking questions, delving into the unknown and even standing up and complaining if something was not right and ringing the head office complaint department over perished orange juice that should taste fresh not tart and obviously off just to name a few.. This book became something of interest to me, I was fascinated in Gosling and his team’s findings and what it said about us, and everyone that is around us… and it makes sense too. By looking around someone’s home can give interesting clues to the occupiers personality. I love Jazz and this is reflected in my lounge with CD’s by Stan Getz, Grover Washington Jnr,  Michael Buble, Chet Baker, Quincy Jones, Lou Rawls, just to name a few. If you go to one side of my living room there is a bookcase filled with cookbooks and books written by chefs, cooks, and history of cooking, people, places. On another side you will find a dollhouse with 1:12 scale miniatures inside and dotted around the room several other miniature items, books, comfy wing back chairs… I can well imagine what Gosling would have to say about this. Then there is my love of beautiful things, just look one look of my art deco woman and her dog statue, my heavy urn, fresh flowers on the dining table, peach coloured gerberas. damask and lace that grace my dining room table, my baroque collection of classical music that sits nicely with my jazz, my books on my homeland New Zealand and much much more. Oh and who could forget my pieces I got whilst living in Saudi…

Is this book worth buying?

After getting this book out of my local library, smiling at it each time I went past its shelf, I decided a few months ago, it was long time that I purchased my own copy of this wonderful book. This book is fascinating, it makes me think about my friends and their homes, my mother Mary’s collection of ornamental cats.. there’s no prizes for what she is sometimes called.. and my fathers neatly stacked collection of horse racing annuals. So when I visit  my parents at their home or a friends home, I am reminded of this book and the stories my friends are telling, without uttering a single word. If you are naturally curious, inquisitive, and just want to know a bit more.. read this and enjoy! I am sure you will love it.

Here is a link to the author’s page on the book and an extract from the first chapter.



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