So err… yeah I know..!!

I said ages ago I would be back.. well I wish I had. Today I went online to Blogspot, the Google blog page which started my journey in writing blogs. I looked at my old blogs that I wrote a few years ago and thought maybe I could put it all on here and see what sort of audience I would attract if I did so.  As I was looking around other blogs and half doing a wee bit of research for an upcoming assignment I stumbled across a page written by an academic or maybe even a student who snatched my attention on the subject of Attachment Theory. Now I am not going to get into specifics about what Attachment theory is (or maybe I am) but the sad thing was that no one had signed up to follow this persons work and as I read on, I also noticed that somewhere between then and now, they stopped writing. No one had posted anything on their page to say hello or to even thank them for writing what they wrote about. I decided that I should be the first person, I even thanked the blogger because it helped me to understand the theory behind some of the things I need to cover for my assignment. I also added myself to their page and told them that I hope that they had writing somewhere else online that I could view.. naturally I need to wait, the blogger could be a million miles away from me… so I can wait.

But it got me thinking and recently I was notified by WordPress that I had fifty followers on this page alone. I was estactic! I really was thrilled to know that somewhere out there in the world fifty people had come onto this page and signed up for it. I thank you all and I decided today I must come back a bit more often despite my heavy study load even if it is for a little while and just to ramble a bit like I would like to do in my other blog What did you say? It made me realise that people are enjoying or at least have enjoyed what I have to write. In Blogspot, I had a few followers but nowhere near this size so to you all.. thank you it really means alot. I had problems with my old computer last year and was kindly given another by a friend who had no use for hers anymore so for a time I was computerless and bought an android phone just so I could be in the loop again with friends and family. I tried to do a review on one of my books on there but it was somewhat hard and the predictive text thing was frustrating so I gave it a miss and sent you all a note via my public library that my computer had died.

Right now I am in the middle of my mid semester break. I head back to the books again soon and are currently still doing another year long paper that I am currently reading on Social worlds. Hopefully with a bit of luck I will have finished this degree by November and I hope to find and secure a permanent job somewhere which I can use my skills somewhere. My current job is fine for me as a student right now but its not something I could afford to do all the time. The money is not that great, there is no real scope and it just pays the bills and keeps me with a roof over my head. It even pays for my internet and my phone, my food and my day to day living but thats about it. Still it has been a great outlet to my studies which I do extramurally and allows me to enjoy kids at a school age and learn what makes those little guys tick. My favourite child leaves at the end of the year to Middle School and the Principal leaves at the end of this term so with the exception of my favourite child and the school accountant, there is not much more thats wanting me to stay on there. I do my job and then I come home, study, eat, sleep, study eat, watch a bit of tv, eat, sleep.. thats why this blog has been great as it too gives me that outlet. Here is a few reviews for you from books I have read to date.




  1. Hi there, not to take the guilt off your gingerbread but ‘followers’ is difficult animal to define… you have fifty people who have stopped on by and as possible fellow bloggers have ‘earmarked you’….this doesn’t mean that they are going to stop by again or sadly even that they like your blog.
    The only means to discover how popular your blog is….that’s through comments?
    If folk don’t comment on an article…good on you for putting it out there, but it hasn’t hit the spot!
    In blogging etiquette it’s really unwise to claim folk as followers when they are not… it’s quite egotistical in a way.
    I learnt this the hard way when I did do the same as you and ‘thank followers’… I was hit on nose(and quite rightly) by a couple of them. If someone continues to write then they might be called a contributor perhaps?
    I hope you don’t mind me expressing an opinion,it’s just that I think you would get more comments if you shifted ‘tone’ in your blog.
    One other thing that may get your comments soaring…welcome all opinions. I noticed you having a moan at someone who had criticised you. Hey,let it happen,that’s what sparks debate. You have some answers, so do they, so let all opinions be heard. Honestly that’s what makes a blog go from bland and about you to really rockin'(and about your contributors)

    All good luck to building the blog in the future,main thing is to enjoy it!

    • Cheers! I have actually asked my readers questions in one of my posts asking them what they think? As it is a review page, I am not too worried if they never come back or they just view the material, I decided to write the blog so I could improve my writing and just to get my thoughts out there so I appreciate you writing and stopping by and saying how you think. In the beginning when I first created this blog I had a few people comment but I deleted them because I was not too sure if it was spam or not due to the names that they gave. Now I have been on here a bit, I am becoming a bit more familiar with it all so I can weed out what really is spam and what is not. Do you still blog yourself? Best wishes! 🙂

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