Back again

girl-reading-books-to-read-64022_1528_1920Hi everyone

It gives me great pleasure to inform you all that I am now offically back again. Last year and just after I finished my last assignment for the year my old computer decided to pass away. As a mature university student and part time worker, my money is often tight and therefore I knew that getting a new computer would be out of the question until I returned back to study at the start of this year. Just recently a friend of mine told me that she had a computer that she had sitting out in her shed sitting idle and had not been used for a little while and whether I would want it. I couldn’t help but accept it as it was free and she wanted nothing for it.

Thanks to my friend I am now back online again and I have a newish computer. My friend uses her laptop and I get to do my work, surf the net and keep up with everyone and everything once more. Once I got the computer, I had to go through it and clean out alot of the programmes and toolbars and bits and bobs my friend had on here. I then downloaded the things that I needed, put an antivirus on, malware programme, and that trusty programme that I have liked for years CCleaner and my software such as Office.

Its only been a short time since Helen gave me this machine and I was very grateful and made her a meal to thank her and gave her a card too. So basically I am back, I am back on here and at some point I may start to add a few more reviews, a few more bits and pieces to this page and my other blogs that I created last year. However this is my final year of Uni. I am on the homeward stretch of my degree this year so I may not be on as much as I was last year. In saying that if I have read a good book or have found one that I liked over the Christmas holidays I will add this and will share it with you all on here.

Before I leave this post today I would like to thank you all who have signed on to this blog and whilst I never had the opportunity to go and visit everyone’s pages as I promised last year, I hope to as I am able and when time will permit. I know that everyone out there has some really good stuff on WordPress and it was great to go and visit some of the pages. But pop back here when you are able too and do not forget to say hello, it is always nice to meet the audience that you have been writing for.

Best wishes to you all for 2014.


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