Another year rolls by…update

Hi everyone sunflower_0021.jpg

Just a wee note to let you all know that over the next few months I will not be studying so if I have not done already, I will endeavor to come and visit you that have blogs (if I have not done so already) and saying hello from my end as it would be great to visit the people that have come into here and enjoyed reading what I have written by ‘liking’ what I wrote.

Today I thought I would also start another blog. I have a few on WordPress already but this one I started to write today I thought could be a companion to this one, its a bit more about me and who I am so if you would like come and follow me on this page, I look forward to seeing you there.

Pop and say hi to me at  and for you avid foodies like me check out my blog that I created back in July on condiments at  This blog may actually become a companion to this blog as I may use recipes from that book that uses some of the condiments that I have in my own kitchen.

Best wishes 😀


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