My discovery…

Being a sensitive person that I am sometimes comes with a price. I know that for many years I have always tried to maintain who I am as a person by staying true to myself. But sometimes that has not been easy. I was teased as a teenager because I did what I wanted and didn’t follow the crowd. As an adult I have been in relationships where people have told me “you are too sensitive” and in many ways they are right. Being sensitive comes with many ups and down’s.

I am also a serious minded person too and although I really enjoy having fun, I know that there are some things I just don’t find funny. In fact I find some things are just down right boring, stupid and a bit over the top for someone like me. It wasn’t until I was doing a bit of research on sensitive people that I came across Judith Orloff’s website. I read through the page and could not believe some of the things she said, in many ways the way she described empaths described me.

I was often putting myself second to others, I did it selflessly not for any recognition and as I read, I knew I was not doing myself any real favours by doing so. But as a person who has the odd anxiety attack now and then I wanted to know why I had these and again I came to realise why I would find going to a shopping mall so overwhelming and I felt as if I was swimming too fast in a flood of people that were overcrowding my senses. It was in this book after reading the website, I found I was not alone, I could actually learn why I was a victim of bullying and why I suffered from anxiety from time to time. I could understand people that I know and had known and why they act in the ways they did. As an adult I know now that putting myself first is the key. I still an empathetic person yes, but I know that by looking after myself more and giving myself that unconditional love is more healthier and it is why I purchased this book. In time I will start to collect other books written by this psychiatrist but for now, this one is a great start.

The Book  

Emotional Freedom: Liberate yourself from Negative Emotions and Transform Your Life


Judith Orloff M.D



What it says on the back cover

“An invaluable book written by one of the finest psychiatrists of our time”– Joan Borysenko, PH.D., AUTHOR OF MINDING THE BODY, MENDING THE MIND

Do you feel as if you’re held hostage by your own unpredictable emotions or those of those of the people around you? Do you feel exhausted and emotionally drained by demands on you and your time? Are you ready for a change but aren’t sure how to begin? New York Times bestselling author Dr. Judith Orloff will help you gain happiness, serenity, and mastery over the negativity that pervades daily life. Complete emotional freedom starts today.

The Emotional Freedom program will help you:

  • Identify your emotional type and understand your core strengths
  • Understand the unique toll emotions can have on your physical and spiritual health – and reprogram your biological and emotional responses to stress
  • Protect yourself from emotional vampires and stop taking on the stress and negativity of others
  • Transform your negativity into courage, patience, connection, inner calm, hope, self-esteem, and compassion

“A road map for people who are stressed-out, discouraged, or overwhelmed, or want to get to a better place. Dr. Orloff offers a step by step way to change outlooks and cope with life’s challenges”.  – Chicago Sun-Times

“A heartfelt accessible guide…It’s overlooked with nuggets of practical and profound healing wisdom.” – Christiane Northrup, M.D., author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom

What made me pick up this book?

While trying to make sense of the relationship I was in up until a year or so ago (read my Book review on Psychopath Free), I needed to find out what it was that made the man that I was with tick. He had something that did not add up and something that could shift from being Mr Nice Guy to Mr Downright Bad. I was at loss and it affected me deeply as I put alot of my love and energies into him and our relationship. I then found Dr. Orloff’s website which gave a snippet of what an empath was, what a narcissist was, and what was it that that led  me to wanting to read more and why people such as myself can be seen as targets to toxic relationships.

About the book

This book is a gift. I purchased it for myself knowing that if I studied it well, I would be able to identify some of the clues as to why I had been affected in a dead end relationship. Not only did I find clues to my own situation but to others who had experienced difficulties with people such as family members or friends that were not exactly friends. I promised a few of my friends of my own  that this book  would be money worth spent to purchase  as I found it as useful as what they suggest on the back cover. The book itself is broken into two parts. One –Tapping into the Power of Emotional Freedom and Two- Your tools for Liberation. Chapter one’s focus is on beginning to learn to love, it may sound simple enough but when you are at crossroads with a lover who doesn’t add up, then it is time for you to take stock of what is happening and deal to it before it is too late. What I have enjoyed about this book is Orloff’s personal experiences that she has had in her life and others who are around her. It makes the book more real to me if there are situations that we the reader can identify with rather than looking at a textbook case scenario that may not otherwise be true.

Is this book worth buying?

This book has a wealth of information to which you can pick up a chapter and just read a little from that at a time or you could pick it up and read it from cover, its that kind of book. There are a few quizzes which test you to find out what sort of person you are, and a quiz that tests your frustration scale to name a few. Given that this book may not solve or your problems, I believe this book is a worthwhile resource that will help you to identify toxic people and the toxic relationships that you come up against in your day to day life. For some like myself you may find it empowering to read this book and for others, even if you do not get what you are wanting. Orloff has other books that may help you to identify your own needs. I appreciate her in many ways, which is the purpose I wrote this post.

Know thyself – SOCRATES

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