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Edmonds Cookery Book

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Recipes developed by Bluebird Foods Ltd and Robyn Martin & Associates Ltd


1992 (and continuously updated and revised)

What it says on the back cover


NEW ZEALAND’S GREATEST SELLING COOKBOOKS (shows a picture of the Edmonds Cookery Book and the Edmonds Microwave Cookbook)

Cooking made easy… written with successful cooking in mind, the Edmonds Cookery Book enables the user to cook with confidence and pride, knowing that this trusted book is a tried and tested source of delicious recipes.

With over 3 million copies sold to date, it has proved an essential item for every New Zealand kitchen.

The new revised edition includes:

  • over 200 new recipes
  • new sections including including:

– Nutrition

– Pasta and Rice



What made me pick up the book?

Without battering an eyelid and without a hint of sarcasm I announce to you all New Zealand’s most popular cookbook. It is a national icon, a treasure, a part of our history that makes us part of who we are. Many of us would have learnt to cook with this book. Our mothers and fathers before us would have learnt these techniques and their parents (or at least their mothers) before them.

I did not pick up this book. I was given it as most people are when they are presented with the book. Although it does not look much on the front cover which  it shows an illustration of  a building with the words “Sure to Rise” on its rooftop.

This book is as famous as our hokey pokey ice cream, our L&P and many other “Kiwiana” delicacies that make us who we are… Stop rambling girl, tell your readers what the book is all about 😀

About the book

The Edmonds Cookery Book like it’s introduction Edmonds Through The Years is a book that needs no introduction (at least for its New Zealand readers). This book started its humble beginning when a man by the name of Thomas J. Edmonds, a grocer who developed his own version of a baking powder in response to a need by many New Zealand housewives who were rather dissatisfied with the baking powder that they had been using.

Many a housewife called upon the grocer to create a baking powder which would help them to cook their food without any problems, and where their cakes would turn out perfectly and their scones would cook. Edmonds then devised his own Baking powder first selling it in a tin back in 1879, letting his customers know that their baking would be “sure to rise” and it did, making Edmonds’ baking powder a success  where he then continued to create the baking powder and a cookbook which came out in 1907 and many other household goods.

Is this book worth buying?

The Edmonds Cookery Book is not a fancy book. It is a simple book with a spiral spine making it easy for its user to grasp while cooking. The Edmonds Cookery Book teaches the novice how to cook meals that are easy and straight forward that start with the basics of making bread and buns to scones, muffins and loaves.including a section baking with Edmonds products (which later went on to cake mixes, flours, custard powder and the like), which then leads into fillings and icings, pastry, soups, eggs and cheese. Practically everything is covered in this book which is made up of 216 pages and a scattering of coloured photographs that enhance the book. To make a dish from the Edmonds Cookbook ensures that the cook becomes confident in the kitchen and where recipes can be added and adapted to suit each person’s palate.

I consider myself a reasonably good sauce maker and this book is where I learnt how to make my first cheese sauce. Although the book is mainly sold here in New Zealand, I would not be surprised if I saw it overseas in some expatriates kitchen. I took mine when I lived abroad, stained, dog eared and  and well loved.

The Edmonds Cookery Book is a book that brings me home, it is a part of who I am as a New Zealander and a big part of many others lives. It gives me great pleasure in sharing this wonderful and exceptional book that has stood the test of time that has been revamped, updated, modernised but still keeping with its tried and true recipes. If you can find one, I can guarantee you will hang on to it for the rest of your life.

A truly iconic piece of New Zealand.

  • Too much water in pastry makes it tough and causes shrinkage during cooking.
  • Roll pastry away from you with light strokes.
  • Lay rolled pastry over the rolling pin to lift pie plates or baking tins. This prevents the pastry being stretched and stops it shrinking on cooling.
  • Pastry must be cooked in a hot oven. The richer the pastry, the higher the oven temperature.
(Edmonds Cookery Book 35th edition, 1993)

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