A note to my readers

Hello all,

Thank you to all  of you who have been following my blog thus far, it is nice to know that my writing can be reached out to many people from around the world.

This morning however I received two rather nasty notes in my comments which I will not publish as they were making a statement about my most recent review on “In the Devils Garden” written by Stewart Lee Allen. Unfortunately this person personally attacked  me for what I said and how they believed that it would not be a book for foodies or whatever and I had violated some of the terms on here. I was rather speechless as one can imagine so for now I have taken that post off.

The book is indeed a little bit on the gruesome side and when I suggested Heston Blumenthal would be a great person to cook alongside the author, there was no way I was meaning that they recreate what was on the menu that I added on here, that would be disgusting but to create something that would be palatable and of course historic and one their guests would enjoy.

I would also like to stress that if you have made a comment to me in my message box in here and I have not replied, most often than not it has gone to my spam folder and I have deleted it. My apologies for that. The two posts that were sent to me on here this morning were rather shocking and disturbing and it is my hope that this person will think before they act, and realise that the book I reviewed was not meant to be disgusting but another twist on what was considered some of the forbidden food in history which I referenced a few sections of the book to give you my reader’s a snippet of what to expect.

Best wishes to you all.



  1. People have different opinion about everything. Please, don’t take it too personally. If they’re attacking do not respond. I usually leave them un-touch. Your readers also would have different opinion about that too. You also have the right to delete or un-approve their comments.

    Please, don’t stop writing. Be yourself! This is a free speech country and enjoy it.

    I like to read your cookbook review and wouldn’t have mind if someday I would have a cookbook written by me and you review mine poorly. (Am I using the right grammar here? I mean I haven’t written a cookbook yet but someday I will and I wouldn’t mind you trashing it. That’s what I meant. I’m sometime nervous about my grammar when I write without my husbanditor. lol) I appreciate different thought in people.

    • Thank you for your thoughtful words, I woke up to them both this morning and was totally dumbstruck by the comments. I agree with you as I mentioned in my very first post that these comments are based purely on my own opinion. The person even went on to say that I never replied to my messages which was rather absurd. I was asleep when hers came through! I would be delighted to read your cookbook if you wrote one and if you need any help in any area, I would be happy to help you too! Your grammar is a little off key in the last couple of sentences but thats OK I understood what you meant. It has been an absolute pleasure having you in here and if there is something you would like me to read or find out, do let me know. I enjoy a good cookbook. Best wishes to you from here and thank you for all your support, it means alot to me. 😀

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