Unleash your inner siren

Photo0199The Book

Simply Irresistible


Ellen T. White



What it says on the back cover

What is it about Angelina Joile that brings men to their knees?

How did Eva Peron seduce a nation?

Did Greta Garbo really want to be alone, or was she trying to make them sweat?

What was the secret behind Coco Chanel‘s allure?

Within these pages, the collective wisdom of some of the great sirens of history has been distilled to its essence, and embellished with homespun lore. Maybe you’ll borrow a page, a chapter, or a few of these lessons in love. Maybe you’ll become a disciple. The Siren’s talent for rising to the challenge lies in her highly developed empathy and her intuitive ability in applying those skills Our study is not frivolous. The advantages of being a siren are not just about men, love and sex appeal, as if that were not enough. The rules for ordinary mortals do not apply to sirens. In a man’s world, the sirens power is such that she almost gets her own way – through her own brand of irresistible style and charm. The siren calls her own shots, and no one dares to stop her. And you want to call the shots don’t you?

What made me pick up the book?

The book was in perfect condition in a second hand shop I was visiting and at first I thought I was picking up another cookbook.  With a title like Simply Irresistible, it could mean anything actually but as I was on the hunt for new and exotic recipes in the book section of the shop, I came across this book somewhere between the cooking and gardening section and the fiction. I am sure that many a person had picked it up thinking that it could be a cookbook too.

About the book

This book is sexy and uses some beautiful women to illustrate the world of becoming a siren. It is a totally feminine book that would make most men oggle.  But for some women, it is tool, a manual and a guide on becoming just that little bit more adventurous than before.

In this book White illustrates five archetypes of siren

The Goddess

The Companion

The Sex Kitten

The Competitor

The Mother

Each has a section devoted to their character, a case study (usually in the form of some well known actress or figure head) lessons for the siren to be and a wee quiz to see if you match that type. To read more about the book and the author. Log on to http://www.ellentwhite.com

White has researched her sirens with great precision and thoughtfulness towards her subjects. The photography and artwork throughout the book leans towards the lighter side of the subject with cute little bubble thoughts that a siren may have had in her head.  Some may find this a little tacky but as a woman myself I feel that it gives us a taste of some of the worlds most amazing ladies each giving a taste of confidence, strength and being able to pick out some of your own best qualities into what makes you who you are and the women that you have looked up to and admired for their strength, endearing qualities, brilliance, or boldness or whatever it is that makes you take notice of them. This book was written just before Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall finally married Prince Charles and now that she is married to him. Many of you may love or loathe her, but she is listed here as a competitor/mother siren.

 “With a come-hither look Nigella Lawson leads you into her pantry, Like the chef herself, its replete, lush, full of tasty surprises-“yummy”, as she says often and with feeling. On Nigella’s Feasts, her Food Network show, she whips up a meal with an abandon approaching recklessness… who knew food was so sexy…” (White, 2007).

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