From the Bookaholic Bookworm

When I started this blog, I never really thought anyone would be interested to read what I wrote so it took me by surprise when I added a widget recently to my page and saw the number of people that were following it.  I would like to say thank you to you all. Thank you for coming onto my pages and being a part of my world here. I sometimes look at my writing and are happy that it has grabbed someones attention and it feels good to know that as I often come in here when I have a wee bit of time free and a break from my usual routine of University studies and my job working with children. I also came in here to improve my writing, take it a little bit to the next level. I have two other blogs on WordPress and no doubt over the Christmas break I will get into them and give them a clean up and start adding to them that little bit more.

Most of the books that I have read to date and reviewed for this page I have rated around 4 to 5 stars and in many ways I feel like getting rid of my star rating system and just choose books that I really have enjoyed reading and put those on here. I have, as a bookworm, really enjoyed this experience and in time I will log onto some of your own blogs and read them too. Sadly my studies take up a lot of my time and there are times I really do not have the opportunity to do alot of writing in here. But each month I promised myself that I would belt out at least one post or several if I can. This week I have added a few as I took a small hiatus from my studies as I was getting somewhat tired of writing and reading all my assignment information, I was becoming somewhat overloaded from it and thats when my kind lecturer for my year long paper tells me to take a break and then get back into it again feeling refreshed and then ready to start again. I have to agree so from this Friday to today (Sunday) I am doing just that. Having a break from my studies and then getting back into them again. Next year I am taking one more year long paper and also have to do a Research Paper. I was thinking of an internship but it could interfere with my job I have already. I need money just as everyone else does but my money that I make from working with kids allows me to have my own place, pay for all my bills and groceries so without it, I would really be up the creek. A Research paper could be quite exciting actually and my current lecturer has already given me the thumbs up to say he would be happy to be my supervisor. Over the years I have had a few friends do a thesis on various topics and so I will take a look at them in more detail (again over my Christmas break) and then look at what is required from me when I get my materials.

Most of my papers for my degree come from the Open University in England and to date I have never been bored from them. In fact in my first year I was fascinated by them and was having all these brainwaves in my head at night it was very hard for me to truly relax. Now I am a little bit more laid back and although I put a great deal of research into what I study, I try and find other things to help me relax in the evenings. This blog has been good as has my collection of Jazz CD’s and a few programmes like Coronation Street have steered me away. Its not that I am not as interested now, but I just now my brain needs to rest more, take a bit of time out for me and look after myself. Since the departure of the man I thought I loved. I have done this more and more and it is empowering me and its allowed me to grow as a person. I am somewhat more guarded than I used to be and much more quieter. I loved this guy dearly but he was a strange one, odd, and very gifted in terms of music. But I know I am not up for another relationship right now. I have so many things that I want to achieve. It is not being selfish, its just I have hardly focused on myself in years. A big no no and thats why I am now at a stage in my life where it is pretty darn good. Yes it feels a little lonely at times and sure I miss the love from a man, but if I find one and he is nice, then there is nothing to stop me from asking him out or vice versa. I am just going with the flow right now and in a space which feels still somewhat new. But I know once this degree is finished, I can move forward even further, and I look will continue to work hard towards my goals and dreams that I have.

Who knows what is around that next corner…. thats the exciting part 🙂


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