Little surprises found in envelopes

Photo0206The Book

The Jolly Pocket Postman


Janet and Allan Ahlberg



What it says on the back cover

Once  more The Jolly Postman rides and flies and shrinks! An even more delightful postbag of beautiful and scary things.

Prizes won by The Jolly Postman :

The Emil/Kurt Maschler Award

The Children’s Book Award

The Kate Greenaway Medal


What  made me pick up this book?

When I left school I went and trained for a year to become a children’s Nanny and also completed my studies in Hospitality. I  took on a job as a Nanny whilst I completed my studies and looked after two little girls who were five and seven. These two little girls had a great number of story books which were appealing to me and in their collection they possessed a few books under the The Jolly Postman series. I have two, this one and The Jolly Postman  or Other Peoples Letters.

About this book

I chose this book to review because I love reading it to children. Inside the book there is a picture of the postman and a copy of the book in his hands with his dog and the words “For You“. When we turn the page we note that that same page has been turned into an envelope which is open and filled with a card welcoming the reader to the book and a little pouch that contains a plastic magnifying glass. Across the page it introduces the story with the a postman who is at home and eating his breakfast and getting ready for work. The illustrations are drawn beautifully by Janet Ahlberg.

Is this book worth buying?

Because this book is a little old, it may be a bit hard to source. I like purchasing most of my new books from The Book Depository as they are great in providing a free postage service for its customers world wide. I noticed that they do not have any of this book in stock but have copies of the other Jolly Postman series  The Postman’s journey’s are filled with lots of adventures and along the way it is not uncommon for him to bump into well known nursery rhyme or fairy story book characters. Each sentence flows into a rhyme which is creative and well thought through. The little ‘gifts’ in each envelope are endearing and contain lots of interesting pieces to keep children amused. If you have children or have children that you know. Look for these authors and I can guarantee you will  have fun as you too read and look at what is inside the envelopes too.

“Away from the house and down the lane. The Peppered Postman racks his brain. As he worries more about being less, He meets a girl in a gingham dress. A scarecrow, a lion, and a tall tin man. Who offer to help him  all they can. “You must come with us they cry”, …. “because….. WE’RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD OF OZ.”!  (Ahlberg and Ahlberg, 1995). 

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