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Photo0194The Book

Your place or Mine? Delicious recipes from Australia’s Favourite Chefs


Gary Mehigan and George Calombaris



What it says on the back cover

Inspiring, instructive and loads of fun. Your Place or Mine? celebrates good produce, great cooking and a legendary friendship.

Forty-three ingredients, eighty-six recipes and two of Australia’s best loved chefs trading skills and comparing talents.  Go behind the scenes into the kitchens of Gary Mehigan and George Calombaris. Discover their favourite ingredients- from asparagus to vanilla and the art of putting together unforgettable dishes. Learn the techniques of two consummate professionals and MasterChef Australia judges such as how to make a great souffle and melt in the  mouth ravioli and perfect panna cotta.

Inspiring, instructive loads of fun. Your place or Mine? celebrates good food, great cooking and a legendary friendship.

What made me pick up this book?

Who hasn’t sat back, kicked off their shoes and wound down for the evening to watch any one of the MasterChef series? MasterChef has become a household name throughout the world and as a follower of the MasterChef programmes (I sometimes find the American one a bit too over the top for me) I enjoy watching the Australian, UK and of course my native country- New Zealand, shows when they are playing and to read a little more about these two chefs and their lives outside my television screen.

About the book

This book shows a genuine friendship between both men. Watching the series on television, I can feel the warmth that they have. These two are serious about their judging and cooking as they are with their friendship. They support one another, mentor, guide and are there for one another like a true friendship ought to be.Cook with Us was the first book that Gary and George wrote together and although I have yet to read it, it is my hope that it is as impressive as this.

Is this book worth buying?

This is no doubt a book I would love to have on my bookshelf. It is bright, colourful and those cute little cartoons show a lighter side of the men’s personalities. George is without question, very serious about his craft. He is young and has done extraordinary well to get to where he is today. Before making it big it was Gary that took George on  as an apprentice as you read through the introduction Chef on Chef. Gary, who is British born is described as “the most technically driven chef” by George and to combine these two I am certain that if I went to one of their restaurants I would not be disappointed.

One snag on the book however I must point out. The men use a fan forced oven to cook their dishes and temperatures for the recipes are set at their temperatures. Not everyone has one of these ovens and so you may need to adjust your temperature settings to what you think may be suitable for your oven. In this book I found many a good recipe and look forward to watch them both on the next MasterChef Australian series soon.

Five stars


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