Books are wonderful things which transport us to far away. Sometimes our imaginations run wild with our senses discovering what lies inside a square object that is laced with paper and the printed word that swirls from its typography.

Books are a way of allowing us to express ourselves, discovering the purpose of life, the understanding of people, the way the world thinks and how we occupy it (or not). Books can provide us a place of sanctuary, a place to escape and where we can become lost entranced into its words, its style, its colourful ways of making life that much more interesting than what it has been…

The purpose of my blog is to introduce you my readers to the books that I have read, the books I have enjoyed and the books that have made a difference to my life. Books have been a part of my life since I was a child and now as an adult, I am always in seek of learning, discovering, unraveling and finding out what it is that makes me, well me!

My reviews are based on my own experiences, my identity and who I am as a person.  I am above all a New Zealand born female and I live a life where I am surrounded by people who come from many walks of life. Some have been with me on my journey for many years and some only a short time. But like books, people also have stories to tell and this blog is dedicated to that.

Some reviewers like to give stars like a teacher does in a classroom if they think that what they have reviewed is worthy of someone else’s attention. My reviews are the same but I must stress are my own views, they are not designed for us to have a debate or squabble over but simply how I feel about the book and why it is on my shelves. Take particular note of the way I stress the italic words. I own this blog and therefore I make the decision on how I want to rate the material. If you feel strongly, by all means offer a suggestion but understand that I have chosen to rate the book in the way I feel because of the way I am shaped by what I believe in, what experiences I have had that has drawn my conclusion to that particular rating and why. I may feel empowered about the book, I may actually say it was a waste of my money or my time getting it out from my local library but whatever it may be, the ratings I give will solely rely on me giving out my viewpoint and how I feel. This guide will give you a low down on my rating system.

Five stars   Excellent book.  Well worth purchasing and having it on your own bookshelves

Four stars  Very good book. May be a bit dated but still has good information and worth a buy

Three stars  Good book.  Interesting to read but could be a bit dated or not relevant. Perhaps best to just borrow from a friend or library

Two stars  Fair book.  OK reading. Some nice graphics but have  minimal information or graphics to really get into it. Borrow it from the library  if available

One star  Not worth mentioning. Not really suitable or considered worth putting on your shelf or a book to read. Read if there is nothing else out there but only if desperate

Enjoy as I share the  books and their stories  just waiting to be told…

Happy reading ♥



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